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Our range of bioactives are precisely formulated to improve cell, organ and overall body function. We constantly collaborate with new partners to keep our place at the forefront of the category. From muscle growth, to weight management, to heart health and more, our industry-leading bioactives will help your products, and your consumers, perform at their best.Dairy BioactivesProlibra® WeightManagement System - Whey protein derived ingredient that targets fat loss and maintenance of lean muscle for healthy weight management.  PepForm® Peptides - PepForm® is a revolutionary patent-pending peptide carrier technology designed to improve the solubility and functionality of amino acids. GroPlex™ - A unique combination of dairy peptides and proteins. These proteins and peptides have been enriched and isolated using various purification technologies to preserve its unique properties.  MicelleXL™ - Milk protein isolate which contains casein molecules that are cross-linked to form a larger protein size which results in stronger protein gels when exposed to acidity in stomach.  Hydrovon™ - A premium, instantised partially hydrolysed whey protein isolate. Hydrovon has a low degree of hydrolysis to deliver an excellent flavour profile.  ActiNOS® - A specially developed fraction of whey designed for use in pre-workout products.  TruCal® Milk Mineral Complex - Natural milk minerals for optimal bone health. For the use in ready-to-mix powders and ready-to-drink beverages, yogurt, bars, processed cheese, bakery, cereals, snacks,capsules, tablets.  Bioferrin® Lactoferrin - Bovine lactoferrin - a natural, biologically active milk protein isolated from fresh sweet whey using fractionation separation technologies. Gentler source of iron, supports a network of healthy biological functions (immune boost, intestinal health, cardiovascular health, weight management, skin health, joint, bone). NutraSol® ProteinFortification Systems - Milk protein ingredients that provide protein fortification in food and beverage systems.  WheyXR™ Extended Release - A whey protein concentrate that is modified to have a prolonged release of amino acids for recovery.
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