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DC Granules for more than just Tableting

14 Sep 2020

The DC Granules product line by Dr. Paul Lohmann® covers Calcium, Magnesium, Iron and Zinc Salts offering lots of application benefits.

The granulation process enlarges the particle size by converting fine or coarse powders into physically strong and larger granules with uniform shape, good flow property as well as good compression characteristics.

DC Granules for more than just Tableting

Granules are formed by adding a liquid solution (water with or without binding agent) to powders. Binding agents of the product line are maltodextrin, starch, PVP, citric acid and gum arabic. From a production point of view, DC (direct compressible) grades offer excellent tableting properties.

Granulated DC grades solve challenges during the tableting process due to the physical modification. Tablet manufacturers usually use wet granulation of powders prior to the tableting process to improve the compactability and flowability of a tablet formulation. The use of directly compressable granulated Minerals for the tableting process eliminates the need of an in-house granulation process, and offers vast advantages in terms of production capability and cost.

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