delicious extract pear juice

Product description

It is a delicious pear juice made in the form of puree, and a product produced in the form of grinding at home made by the reliable Nonghyup food.Healthy pears are about 80% edible, with 85% moisture, about 50Kcal calories, and alkaline foods, with carbohydrates and about 10% polysaccharides, and contain organic acids such as apple acids, tin acids, and stroic acid, vitamins B, C, fiber.t is rich in tannin and asparaginic acid, which are essential nutrients for a refreshing morning, so it is a health food that can help bowel movements in the morning.It is the cleanest and freshest pure type and is made of pear-concentrated fruit juice 72 BRIX and exported to Shenchen, Beijing, and Banquver, Canada, China.

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Sales markets Asia
Supplied from Korea, Democratic People's Republic of
Product Applications Natural Products
Product Certifications Halal; Health & Safety (GMP, HAACP and equivalents)

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delicious extract pear juice

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