Denali expands facility

23 May 2016

Denali Ingredients has opened a new facility featuring a brand new look, expanded space and new capabilities at a cost of $5.5m, and says it plans to invest a further $6m over the coming two years.

Denali expands facility

Denali Ingredients has opened a new facility featuring a brand new look, expanded space and new capabilities. The building, located at 2400 S Calhoun Rd. in New Berlin, has served as the primary manufacturing facility for the company's growing ice cream and food ingredients business since its purchase of the 40-year old facility in 2006. The $5.5 million build-out includes a complete re-facing of the exterior fa├žade as well as interior renovations intended to support Denali's growth which has seen ingredients production more than doubled in the past decade; sales revenues that have more than tripled since Denali took over; staff that has tripled since Denali first acquired the facility in 2006; and more than 50 new jobs developed.

"We are in the enviable position of having an incredibly talented team of dairy and food industry veterans who are committed to hands-on collaboration and innovation with our customers," said Neal Glaeser, President of Denali Ingredients. "Our vision is to become the go-to ingredients supplier for innovative products and solutions."

Phase one interior renovations include a new Innovation Center to foster research, development and creative flavour collaboration with industry partners, as well as a Pilot Lab where Denali says it can simulate full-scale manufacturing of new concepts. Additionally, new production lines and capabilities have been added and administrative office space has been expanded.

Denali plans to invest another $6 million in its second phase of expansion over the next 24 months, a move that will add new production capabilities and seed another 40-50 new jobs.

"We're investing at a time when many in our industry are moving in the other direction," said Glaeser. "It's an opportunity for us to get closer to the consumer and to play a larger role in our customer's own R&D efforts as true collaborators. Ultimately, the entire industry benefits when these new flavors and concepts become mainstream trends in the grocery aisle."