Drying + granulation of solutions, suspensions, emulsions, melts in a single process step

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Dry liquids containing solids gently by spray granulation using the fluidized bed or spouted bed to convert them into compact, abrasion-resistant granules of a desired size or produce a range of sizes. Protect highly active and volatile substances such as essential oils, fragrances, enzymes or microorganisms by micro-encapsulation in a matrix. Particles produced in this way are mechanically stable and are ideal for subsequent coating to protect against moisture, light, oxygen and (stomach) acid or to improve the appearance and to mask taste and smell. This process also improves the longevity of the particles, enabling the development of targeted release profiles. Spray agglomeration turns your dusty powder (mixtures) into quickly soluble granulates with a porous structure that dissolve easily in liquids for further processing or for powdered protein shakes/nutritional supplements. Bring your product ideas to fruition through use of our innovative technologies. 
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Categories Contract manufacturing; Encapsulation; Processing machinery
Sales markets Western Europe; Eastern Europe; Middle East; Asia; Australia; North America; Africa; Central/South America
Product Applications Bakery; Dairy; Dietary Supplements; Energy Drinks; Food Supplements; Healthy Food & Beverages; Infant Nutrition/ Baby Foods & Infant Formula; Natural Products; Organic Products; Personal Care; Pet Food / Animal Nutrition; Pharmaceutical; Proteins; Snacks; Sports Nutrition; Vegetarian / Vegan Products
Product Certifications Halal; Health & Safety (GMP, HAACP and equivalents); Kosher; Quality assurance

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Drying + granulation of solutions, suspensions, emulsions, melts in a single process step

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