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Our company has succeeded to develop products which utilize natural substances acquired from the nature in the process that is not chemical, but only physical and eco-friendly, and providing them to the costumers. Through the long process of study and development, we are selling the products that could considerably contribute well to not only the customers, but also the companies in the fields of food manufacturing and circulation, and the farmers in the fields of farming, fisheries, and livestocks.

Ionized highly activated calcium products and food additives of the highest purity, manufactured with natural shell, without any kind of chemical process(Increasing the shelf life of various products / Inhibiting harmful bacteria / Enhancing flavor / Supplying calcium of high purity / Maximizing additional output and other experiment results)There are Eco-friendly farming products for calcium supply, made of ionized calcium, the form that the crops can most easily absorbLiquid complex active minerals that contains much of activated minerals in more than 20 kinds, which consists...

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Primary business activity Manufacturer: Ingredients / Additives
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Eco Biotech Co., Ltd.

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