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European Freeze Dry is a market leading producer of freeze dried ingredients and provider of speciality freeze drying services to a diverse range of industries. Established in 1964, our knowledge, experience and industry experts can help with a solution to your ingredient challenge. We offer freeze dried ingredients that are 100% natural and with a long shelf life. Products include meat, chicken, fruit, vegetables, cheese, eggs, seafood and fish. We also provide tailor made freeze dried ingredients and provice contract manufacturing services.

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Sales markets Western Europe; Eastern Europe; Middle East; Asia; East Asia (e.g., China, Japan, Korea); South Asia (e.g. India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, e.t.c); South East Asia (e.g., Tailand, Philippines, Singapore, e.t.c.)
Primary business activity Contract Manufacturer
Affiliated categories: Flavours and Spices More

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