Fast knockdown defoaming of protein drinks

2 Nov 2020

MÜNZING Launches a Fast Foam Knockdown Antifoam for Protein Drinks: MAGRABAR® MD-4925

MÜNZING launches MAGRABAR® MD-4925, a new powder antifoam which is specifically designed to provide fast foam knockdown for whey protein drinks: Clear whey protein isolate shakes are a new powder product category, offering new choices for consumers. Whereas classical whey proteins usually don’t have a pronounced tendency to foam, the preparation of clear proteins in water can lead to excess foam, which can break down slowly.

Fast knockdown defoaming of protein drinks

Adding MAGRABAR® MD-4925 powder antifoam to the whey protein powder reduces foam quickly when the product is prepared in water and thus it provides a better user experience: MAGRABAR® MD-4925 enables your product to be ready to consume in seconds. MAGRABAR® MD-4925 is water soluble and does not add turbidity to the final shake. MAGRABAR® MD-4925 may be suitably used as a food additive in the EU and it is identity preserved non-GMO, silicone free and soy free.

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