Product description

FiberCreme™ is a prebiotic dietary fiber ingredient with creamy taste that utilize the good of oligosaccharides as the fiber source combined with good oils as a palatable, functional ingredients on food and beverages application. Due to its 30% fiber content (AOAC 2011.25), the fiber content of FiberCreme™ is categorized as high fiber and it helps to ensure the adequate dietary fiber intake for healthy digestive system. FiberCreme™ also helps to control the sugar intake in diabetic patients because the sugar content in FiberCreme™  is 1.44% based on sugar content test from an accredited laboratory. FiberCreme™ can be consumed in various foods and drinks to substitute creamer in general, coconut milk, and milk in the applications such as coffee, smoothies, fruit juice, herbal drinks, ice cream, cookies, cheesecake, pasta sauce, and many more.
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Categories Functional Beverages; Functional Food; Prebiotics
Sales markets Asia
Supplied from Indonesia
Product Applications Beverages
Product Certifications Halal; Health & Safety (GMP, HAACP and equivalents)

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