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Fungo LLC. specializes in the production of champignon mushrooms and the processing of wild mushrooms and numerous species of wild fruits. In addition to the company’s own processing centres, mushrooms coming from 23 mushroom collection hubs all around Kosovo are processed.

Fungo LLC. was established in 1990 and begun to export in the year 2000. In a large processing plant, over 1000 tons of mushrooms and wild fruits per year are taken care of with great respect to quality and traceability requirements. Export partners of Fungo LLC. include companies in Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Lithuania, Netherlands, Austria, Denmark and the United States of America.

The company’s vision is to provide its customers with a safe product for human consumption. It is with proud that Fungo LLC. has certified almost all its products to the EU organic standard. The company furthermore is IFS certified.

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Fungo Sh.p.k.

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