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We are taking this opportunity with great pleasure to introduce ourselves as a FDA Approved An ISO 9001 - 2015, 14001:2015, FDA, GMP, FSSAI and D&B Certified Company (As per revised schedule ‘M’) Quality manufacturers of Precipitated Calcium Carbonate - IP/BP/USP/EP/JP, Activated Calcium Carbonate (Uncoated / Coated), Calcium Oxide USP / JP, Calcium Hydroxide BP / USP / EP / JP, Purified Talc - IP/BP/USP , Magnesium Hydroxide IP / BP / USP, Magnesium Oxide (Light / Heavy / IP / BP), Magnesium Carbonate (Light / Heavy / IP / BP/ USP), , Precipitated Silica, Hydrated Lime All Grade, Calcium Carbonate Natural / Calcite , Iron Powder - Electrolytic / Reduction /Cast  in INDIA.

We Produce good and pure dependable Indian & Imported calcium source with good bioavailability and it’s almost free from all harmful impurities like heavy metals, Pb, Hg, As, etc, controlled silica Mg contents & controlled Chloride and Fluorides limits which is manufactured from very selected Raw Materials in controlled Kiln with programmed hit zone for proper calcinations to avoiding all impurities.

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