Global Biolife reveals Laetose results

30 Jul 2019

Global BioLife has announced the results of clinical trials conducted on Laetose, a low-glycemic, naturally modified sugar.

Clinical trial results are said to show that Laetose is a new sugar product that reduces its negative impact on the body. It is described as a healthier sweetener that is identical to regular sugar in taste, texture and shelf life, but a naturally modified table sugar which carries 30% fewer calories and a glycemic index score of 53 as compared to a score of 100 in glucose.

Global Biolife reveals Laetose results

Laetose was developed by Daryl L.Thompson, Global BioLife's Director of Scientific Initiatives, who was invited to present the new formula to health ambassadors from around the world at Harvard Medical School's Global Health Catalyst Summit, an annual event that focuses on initiatives to eliminate global health disparities.

"You can think of Laetose as Sugar 2.0. It is more than a low-calorie sugar, but rather a solution to sugar itself in that it was specifically formulated to fight disease," said Thompson. "We've developed a formula that uses sugar the way nature intended. Laetose tastes and performs exactly like sugar as a food ingredient but it is better accepted by the body."

Thompson announced the completion of human trials on Laetose, conducted at one of the foremost laboratories in the world to measure glycemic index, with additional independent testing conducted at Charles River Laboratories showing Laetose halts stimulation of lipopolysaccharide inflammation which leads to Metabolic Endotoxemia, the root of metabolic-driven disease.

Global BioLife has partnered with Quality Candy Company to form a joint venture, Sweet Sense, to produce and market Laetose. Sweet Sense refined the formula at its production facility and created a scalable manufacturing process for Laetose.

"Clinical trials are complete, patents have been filed and the product is ready for full-scale production," said Thompson. “Sweet Sense is looking to licence Laetose and is sourcing for companies with the ability to introduce Laetose into multiple food products around the world.”

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