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Green Banana Food B.V (GBF) is a Netherlands food-tech company developing products and ingredient solutions from the native cooking green banana. From the native cooking bananas, we have created a flour that can be used in the food industry to create high nutrient, low carb, gluten free & high dietary fibre food solutions. Our goal is to deliver high nutrient, low carb, gluten free products with a great taste. With our propriety process, we utilise the green bananas (Highland bananas from Uganda) is our main ingredient in all our products. Our first product launch is Gabanna pasta Gabanna is a light (low carb) high nutrient pasta with a perfect pasta bite. Its rich in protein and also gluten free for those with gluten allergy. It’s a tailored product designed to deliver health & wellness benefits and a perfect pasta eating experience.

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Exploring the potential of green bananas

16 Jan 2019

Exploring the potential of green bananas

Green banana flour is still a relatively new ingredient in Europe, but ongoing demand for nutritious gluten-free foods could boost its use in a range of new products.

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