HACP is not just Collagen Hydrolyzate

4 Oct 2016

Do you want to improve your skin structure and maintain healthy joints? Jellice unique collagen and patented HACP….

HACP is not just Collagen Hydrolyzate

Jellice Pioneer Europe B.V., is located in Emmen, the Netherlands and is based on the tradition and technology of a well established company, experienced in the production of high quality gelatin and collagensince 1941.

Jellice has 5 factories worldwide (Japan, India, China, Taiwan & The Netherlands), and with the capability of supplying gelatin and collagen from different origins Jellice is active within the food, pharmaceutical, health & cosmetic industries for all sorts of applications.

JELLICE Collagen Peptide is manufactured from fresh porcine and fish skin into gelatin and then into Collagen Peptideas animal skin contains a high level of collagen
Collagen Peptide finds its application in food supplements and is also widely used in skin & hair-care products. It is an excellent source of protein and has most of the essential amino acids that humans need.

JELLICE HACP is manufactured by an unique enzymatic hydrolyzation of gelatin (Patented) and finds application in Healthcare & Beauty Products. HACP is a tripeptide and is easily absorbed in the human body. The secret of Jellice HACP is the active ingredient Gly-X-Y (tri – peptide) which is the smallest peptide of Collagen. Due to its small molecular weight it has a very high bioavailability. HACP can be made into powder, granule tablets and drinks, due to its high solubility

Jellice invites you to visit our booth L18 at Health Ingredients Europe 2016 our sales and technical staff look forward seeing you!!

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