Ingredion debuts clean label emulsifier

10 Mar 2020

Ingredion has launched a new clean label ingredient for the U.S. and Canada — EVANESSE CB6194 clean label emulsifier.

EVANESSE CB6194 clean label emulsifier is a vegan chickpea broth that is said to deliver the emulsification performance of traditional additives and the appeal of a single, recognized ingredient — without compromising taste and texture. The chickpea broth is a type of aquafaba, derived from cooked chickpeas that provides unique emulsification properties.

Ingredion debuts clean label emulsifier

The clean label emulsifier is claimed to be ideal for a variety of food applications that currently use emulsifiers, including egg replacement in low and high-fat vegan, spreadable, spoonable and pourable dressings (e.g., mayonnaise, aioli, etc.), white cooking sauces (e.g., Alfredo, Béarnaise, bechamel, etc.) and in ready meal applications. Ingredion says that EVANESSE CB6194 clean label emulsifier exhibits excellent emulsion shelf life stability when paired with a functional native starch, such as NOVATION functional native starches.

“EVANESSE CB6194 clean label emulsifier represents a new generation of ingredients to be introduced to the food industry as Ingredion continues to expand its clean label offerings,” said Dan Haley, Ingredion’s global platform lead, Clean & Simple Ingredients. “Food manufacturers now have more options for developing differentiated, clean label products with highly accepted and recognizable ingredients that consumers trust.”

EVANESSE CB6194 delivers emulsification properties and can serve as an alternative to eggs, (OSA)-modified starches and other artificial emulsifiers but is made from a consumer-preferred ingredient (chickpea) designed to support appealing front-of-package claims, such as “natural,” “all-natural,” “no additives” and “no artificial ingredients.” The emulsifier is said to deliver mouthfeel and texture comparable to traditional emulsifiers in both high and low-fat formulations, has good heat and freeze/thaw stability, is easy to disperse and emulsify, and provides good shelf life stability in a range of applications.

Consumer demand for clean and simple labels and plant-based ingredients continues to grow at a rapid pace. According to a recent Ingredion study, more than 80% of consumers are more likely to buy a product if they recognize all of the listed ingredients and more than 60% of consumers are willing to pay more for a simple label. Labeled simply as chickpea broth, EVANESSE CB6194 clean label emulsifier is gluten-free, non-GMO and does not require allergen labeling. And because it does not contain animal products, the emulsifier is compatible with vegetarian and vegan diets.

“Until now, clean label emulsifiers have been difficult to come by, making it a challenge for some food manufacturers to achieve their clean label goals,” said Patrick O’Brien, Ingredion’s regional platform lead for Clean & Simple Ingredients in the U.S. and Canada. “EVANESSE CB6194 clean label emulsifier enables manufacturers to deliver clean label products with the in-demand claims consumers want, without compromising the taste and texture they expect.” He adds, “We developed formulations for vegan mayo and zesty aioli using EVANESSE CB6194 clean label emulsifier to show how simple it can be to create a shelf-stable, vegan dressing using the ingredient.”