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Inner Mongolia Rejuve Biotech Co., Ltd.,registered in March 2006, and located in Etuoke Spirulina Park of Wulan Town,Inner Mongolia,China ---- the famed location of the largest agglomeration of alkaline lakes in the world,with a production size of 215 acres ---- is an export-oriented private ecological enterprise which has been engaged in algae cultivation,production of Spirulina powder and tablets,R&D and supply with the ZHS brand since June of 2006. We now have a cutting edge,entirely enclosed,raceway-like algae cultivation base of 630,000 square meters and we produce more than 1,100 tons of food grade Spirulina powder and over 100 tons of Spirulina tablets per a year.Our annual output can reach a value of more than 50 million yuan. We are the largest breeding base of Spirulina in northern China. Our Spirulina powders have been tested since 2006 by Europe,SGS,China Food Quality and Safety Supervision and Inspection Center,Inner Mongolia Import and Export Commodity Inspection and Quarantine Bureau,and comply with the China National Food Standard of Spirulina(GB/T 16919-1997). Our company has obtained the Export Food Sanitary Registration Certificate of P.R.China as well as the right to import and export. Currently our Spirulina powder is exported to the European Union,the United States,Japan and other countries and regions every year. Spirulina tablets are also supplied to the domestic market, and have won the praise of a vast number of customers. We have successfully obtained both ISO9001 and HACCP certificates and were awarded the Best Brand Medal issued by the Provincial Government in February 2012. Additionally, we were awarded the top leading enterprise ofAgriculture and Animal Husbandry industries by the government of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region in 2013.

At present,Inner Mongolia Rejuve Biotech Co.,Ltd. has organized a complete set of production and management standards regarding algae cultivation,harvesting and spray drying. By scientifically adjusting and controlling the ventilation fo greenhouses,applying film to the flooring and altering water supply and drainage systems to prevent dust and sand pollution,we can ensure product cleanliness. Especially regarding the field of algae cultivation, we are the first Spirulina manufacturer in China to adopt a digitalized smart monitoring system of temperatures,PH values,nitrogen,phosphor and potassium to transmit real time algae growth data to the quality control center, so as to guarantee the most stable production,highest yields and top Spirulina quality. Another advantage we enjoy is the plentiful sunlight of the Inner Mongolia Plateau,which is very beneficial for algae growth. Most importantly,we use natural mineral water to cultivate algae.The selection of a location removed from industrial pollution further serves to ensure maximum quality in our Spirulina.We also employ sterilization controls at every level,in our Spirulina paste cleaning and drying processes in order to effectively stop bacterial contamination. The very strict tests in our testing center ensure green,contaminant-free quality Spirulina powder and guarantee maximum nutritional value and food safety.In short, we have established our own production and quality standards of quantification,standardization,unification and traceability in our cultivation and processing methods.

Our company is continually pursuing areas for further improvement,enhancing management effectiveness and methodology,refining internal abilities and promoting efficiency. We relentlessly forge ahead with a solid,steady pace,striving ultimately to become one of the leading enterprises in the health food industry of China,creating a sustainable development of our century-old brand.

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