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Kings Dehydrated Foods Pvt. Ltd. is one of the pre-eminent manufacturers, supplier and exporter of dehydrated onion, toasted onion, crispy fried onion and dehydrated garlic. Within a few years since our inception we emerged as one of the most trusted and reliable exporters of Indian dehydrated onion and garlic. Today we’re regarded as a leader in terms of quality and innovation in the region.

We carry one of the largest productions of dehydrated onion and garlic in various variants with professional and modern machinery that assures quality of our products.

Our unique business model that is designed to satisfy our customers gives us a distinct reputation among our global competitors.

We enjoy a loyal clientele based across the world and our presence is the global market is noteworthy.

How we stand out…

At Kings, we embrace changes and challenges. Our dedication to professional approach and our unique ability to satisfy customer’s individual demand always makes our clients proud of partnering with us.

Our approach to meet global standards

·         State-of-the-art production facilities to comply with global food safety standards

·         Consistent quality deliverance system

·         Sustainability Program- Contract farming with backward integration

·         Modern in-house cool warehouses

·         Customized packaging and private labeling options

·         Advanced in-house labs

Quality policy

Kings Dehydrated Food Pvt. Ltd. lives by the motto of “QUALITY MATTERS”. We’re committed to offer exceptional services in terms of quality and food safety.

Our founder members always lived by the principle “Quality is not an act, it’s a habit” and also insisted on incorporating the same principle in the business model to keep the legacy alive.

We keep our food standards updated to satisfy the ever increasing demand of quality products in international markets.

Our history

Our history dates back to 1992 when we set foot in the food processing industry.  The founders always had a clear image of what the future would be like and every step they took was in that same exact direction. We started as a small company with an annual production capacity of 300MT. Overtime we made progress and became financially stable enough to move ourselves towards major production. Achieving that goal was the toughest of all.

The region where we come from is rich and well-known for onion across the globe. The region contributed a fair share to the global onion exports. Mahuva is recognized as the “silicon valley” of onions. Gradually food process industry came into existence. With the ever increasing demand of dehydrated Indian origin onion the local entrepreneurs faced a big challenge because of lack of modern technology. Most of the manufacturers adopted a passive approach to satisfy the demand which ultimately resulted into customer dissatisfaction. The industry was flourishing overall but the quality was declining because the suppliers were afraid to say “no” to the customers. A “no” to customer would mean no business.

As a result the region began to lose its superior status in the international markets. We were not exporting at that time but we were ready and equipped to go global. But the biggest question was “how to introduce ourselves in the international markets with the prevailing image of the region”. Finding the answer to this question was our biggest challenge.

We adopted technological advancements and a fair professional approach to enter the international markets. We set long term goals to outstand from other suppliers in the region. Our founder members had always been patient and learned a lot from their competitors’ mistakes as the famous proverb goes “a wise man learns from the mistake of others”. Initially it was hard to find and do business with an international client.

 In the year 2003 we made our first independent export transaction and that was the start of our glorious future. This boosted our morale and we were ready to take bigger challenges. We focused our attention towards increasing our production capabilities and business possibilities.

It was the year 2007 when we landed a major contract with an international food giant. The initial contract was not very long. Overtime that company became regular client of ours and ever since we’ve successfully completed over a dozen contracts with them.

Our annual growth rate adopted an upward slope and since 2008 we’ve been growing at a rate of 6% annually.

Incorporation of our new facility to deliver hand crafted excellence

It’s hard to believe but “word of mouth” played a major role in our expansion. After a few years since 2003 we developed an image of the most rational and reliable supplier of Indian origin onion in the international market and soon eclipsed our competitors.

As of today we manufacture and supply over 6000MT of dehydrated onion in various variants. The need to deliver this vast quantity gave birth to our subsidiary European Dehydrated Foods which is specially designed to manufacture the more sophisticated products that need special attention and have unconventional specifications.

How we built a loyal client base

Over the years we’ve developed the ability to understand and identify customer’s individual requirement and meeting it and satisfying them entirely. We’ve perfectly excelled in delivering customized products- products that demand special values. When we’re faced by a challenging product we commit ourselves to find a solution that is perfectly in line with the customer’s requirement. This constructive attitude towards our clients and their needs has led us to do business with major international food giants and conglomerates.

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