KLBD Kosher Certification

KLBD Kosher Certification


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KLBD Kosher offers a professional worldwide kosher certification consultancy service. Its expertise in ingredients and Jewish Law is second to none. KLBD provides its services to leading companies manufacturing and trading flavours, fragrances, aromas, chemicals, and dairy derivatives for food, beverage, vitamin and pharmaceutical sectors, alongside arranging Passover certification. Presently we certify over 2,000 manufacturers and traders in over 70 countries. Our London based team comprises chemists and ingredients specialists, rabbinic inspectors, and a highly experienced administration team.

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Sales markets Africa; Asia; Australia; Central/South America; Eastern Europe; Middle East; North America; Western Europe
Primary business activity Food Safety, Quality and Service; Government /Pavilion Organiser /Trade Association; Press & Publishing
Affiliated categories: Anti-allergens More

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KLBD Kosher Certification

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