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L.E.V./Extracts plant/ is a plant extracts and special ingredients manufacturer. We offer organic and conventional quality ingredients for food and beverage industry, ingredients for personal care industry, herbal medicine products and API. Our aim is to produce exquisite natural ingredients, making contribution to human healthy life. In compliance with eco-responsible policy and in respect of the plant resource, L.E.V./Extracts plant/ develops 100% natural extracts, which are obtained thanks to  environmentally clean processes and natural solvents.
Ingredients for food industry. We are fascinated by pure and natural flavors driven by nature. L.E.V./Extracts plant/ produces natural flavoring - taste and aroma giving extracts and distillates for all kinds of beverage applications such as alcoholic or non- alcoholic drinks, dairy and confectionery.  Our range includes several lines of extracts from fruits and berries, spices, blossoms and herbs, aromas of wood and forest, distillates of grains and bread for alcohol beverages, bitter extracts, extract of energy plants, flavors of alcoholic drinks.
Health Food Ingredients. As the company with the pharmaceutical background we develop and manufacture the plant extracts for food supplements, functional food and beverages. Our portfolio includes liquid extracts, soft extracts and tinctures. Among our products are extracts from North wild and cultivated plants such as Birch fungus ( inonotus obliquus ),  pine buds (Pinus Sylvestris), birch buds (Betula pendula) and many others.
 Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient. Our production procedures comply with Pharmaceutical standards. L.E.V./Extracts Plant/ is authorized to produce API – Medicinal Plant Extracts and Tinctures. Our range includes Calendula , Hawthorn , Arnica , Motherwor and Valerian tinctures, Horse Chestnut seed liquid extract 
        Personal Care Ingredients  . We are a leading manufacturer in Baltic countries of high-quality botanical extracts for  personal care industry.  Our experience in combination with quality of our products enables our customers to develop innovative, functional, organic and natural cosmetic products meeting the highest standards and consumer requirements. Our Organic products meet high requirement of Ecocert and Cosmos standards. Our quality and standards are insured by annual auditing on conformity to FSSC22000, COSMOS, API, Organic Food Manufacturing correspondence to EU regulation

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