Lallemand makes two acquisitions

12 May 2016

Lallemand has acquired the Surface and Ripening Cultures business from DSM Food Specialties to strengthen its position in dairy and meat cultures, and Uruguay-based Lage y Cía to support its Plant Care business.

Lallemand makes two acquisitions

Yeast and bacteria company Lallemand has made two acquisitions.

In the first, it says it has strengthened its position in dairy and meat cultures with the acquisition of the Surface and Ripening Cultures business from DSM Food Specialties, which will be incorporated into Lallemand’s Specialty Cultures business unit. Lallemand Specialty Cultures is dedicated to the development and production of specialty cultures for food applications. The acquisition includes surface and ripening strains of moulds, yeast and bacteria for soft cheese and dry fermented meat applications, as well as related industrial and business assets including over 100 existing commercial products.

Surface and ripening cultures include specially-tailored moulds, yeast and bacteria. They are used in cheese and dry fermented meat and play a key role in texture, colour and flavour development while providing protection. Ripening cultures are also responsible for meat acidification, further protecting meats from undesired bacteria and increasing product safety.

“This surface and ripening cultures business is a great asset for our current business as it complements our offer of specialty cultures for dairy and other food products,” said Jérôme Panes, General Manager of Lallemand Specialty Cultures. “New and existing customers will benefit from our fermentation expertise and extensive portfolio to ensure differentiation of their products. With this new acquisition, Lallemand becomes a leading player in the cheese and dry meat cultures market.”

In the second transaction, Lallemand acquired Uruguay-based Lage y Cía. The newly-acquired company will be included in Lallemand Plant Care, the company’s business unit focused in the use of yeasts, bacteria and fungi as biocontrol, biostimulant and biofertilizer agents in agriculture, horticulture and forestry.