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Headquartered in Hyderabad, Laurus Labs Limited, a publicly listed company and a global science-based entity, takes pride in offering high-quality trusted Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) in multiple therapeutic categories and specialty ingredients for the nutraceutical industry. Laurus has a proud culture in innovation and today we at, INGREDIENTS division of the company have been in the forefront of developing and manufacture innovative high pure nature identical and natural ingredients for use in Nutraceutical, Dietary Supplement, Food, Colour, Beverages and Cosmeceuticals products; and novel nutraceutical co-crystals for their enhanced bio-availability/controlled absorption. At Laurus, we believe that an in-depth knowledge of ingredients and quest for novel process provides great control over production and consistent product quality, which create “value difference” for our partners. With manufacturing and quality rigor matching that of the pharmaceutical APIs and international compliances of GMP, Kosher, Halal and HACCP etc., our Ingredients hav...

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