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Naturesmith Foods LLP


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Naturesmith Foods LLP (earlier known as FOODMAX) started with a humble beginning in

2005 and has over the years embarked on its journey to emerge as a brand synonymous

with herbs and spices.


 Naturesmith offers a wide range of aromatic high quality International herbs and spices that give you a refined, world class culinary experience.


Naturesmith Foods LLP sources its ingredients from around the world, to maintain the truly

original taste in all its products. With this farm to fork policy, Naturesmith Foods LLP is

valued as a brand that provides quality herbs, spices, spice blends.

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Primary business activity Manufacturer: Finished Food Products
Affiliated categories: Flavours and Spices More

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Oregano Seasoning

27 Aug 2019

Oregano Seasoning

A perfect blend of aromatic herbs & spices, this classic Mediterranean seasoning blend has a strong garlic flavour. It gives an edge to your pizza & adds a vibrant flavour to it. Perfect combination of Garlic Granules, Salt, Oregano, Basil, Black pepper, Paprika Powder & Chili Powder.

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