NUTRASAL® (Salt substitutes)

Product description

Disproquima offers a wide range of specialty products as NUTRASAL®.
NUTRASAL® is its own brand of salt substitutes used in all kind of applications where salt reduction is required. It is a clear differentiator from all the salt substitutes in the market. Nutrasal salt substitutes have been formulated to preserve the sensory and technological functions of the common salt in food, allowing partial or even total replacement of the latter. Its main characteristics are a very intense and pleasant salty taste similar to common salt, its ability to block the perception of the bitter taste/ metallic residual taste produced by potassium chloride and how it can highlight not only the salty taste, but also the umami and the overall flavor of the final product. 

We can offer you:

- NUTRASAL®  Zero sodium. - NUTRASAL®  50% less sodium

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