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Oblachinska Cherry – a true symbol of sweet and sour power

23 Nov 2020

Desing Ltd company from Serbia, together with the support of USAID Competitive Economy Project, launched the Center for the Development of Innovative Products Made of Oblachinska Cherry with main activities focused on the development and promotion of high-quality and healthy products made of this fruit, as well as promotion of Serbian brand “Oblachinska Cherry” in domestic and international markets.

Characterized by exceptional antioxidant, with anti-inflammatory and antitumor activity this fruit quickly become recognized as one of the brands with highest growth potential in SEE region. That is why the initiative is created to attract producers from agri-food sector in order to jointly promote the products and enter new markets.

Oblachinska Cherry – a true symbol of sweet and sour power

After 140 years this wonderful fruit finally got an opportunity to be presented in a way it deserves. Together with producers, companies, government, community and you, we can BRING OBLACHINSKA CHERRY ON TOP OF THE WORLD!

We offer the smarter choice for your products, a wide variety of osmotically dehydrated fruits, stable/non-stable bake and cream fillings, fruit and cream toppings, infused fruit in syrup, dessert sauces, and fruit glazes. Using state-of-the-art technologies we obtained fruit´s natural aroma, unique color, texture, and nutritional composition.

As one of the results of these efforts, we are introducing newly developed Oblachinska cherry products, for the first time in public, during the Fi Europe CONNECT 2020 event such as Candied Oblachinska cherry in syrup; Cherry brandy drink; Chocolates and dragees with freeze-dried sour cherries and osmotic dehydrated sour cherry; Granola mix made of Oblachinska sweet and sour cherry; Greek type yogurt with Oblachinska sour cherries and cereals and 100% fruit juice made of Oblachinska sour cherry and apple. We work together with our customers to help them leverage insights and trends to grow their businesses.

Looking for that perfect Oblachinska blend? We can help you. We are here at Fi Europe CONNECT 2020 to promote ingredients and products made of Oblachinska cherry. Visit our profile and contact us to schedule a meeting with Oblachinska experts.