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Olygose is a French producer of unique soluble fibers extracted from legumes. Our plant-based galacto-oligo-saccharides (GOS) are lactose-free and very pure:
AlphaGOS® has strong bifidogenic properties and is used as a probiome booster to rebalance the gut microflora. P-GOS® is dedicated to infant nutrition, in particular to lactose-free formulas. CravingZ'Gone® is a clinically proven satiety-boosting ingredient that supports weight management. 
All products are sweet-tasting, heat- and acid-stable, low in calories and suitable for long-term consumption.

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Sales markets Western Europe; Eastern Europe; Middle East; Asia; North America; East Asia (e.g., China, Japan, Korea); South Asia (e.g. India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, e.t.c); South East Asia (e.g., Tailand, Philippines, Singapore, e.t.c.)
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