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Original Chia was one of the first companies who applied for the novel food licence for chia seeds: Original Chia ®. Original Chia Wholesale and Original Chia Aps / DNL works with the experienced producers of chia seeds in different regions of South America and are recognised manufacturers of chia seeds (salvia hispanica L).

Chia seeds, conventional and organic. Products with chia seeds. Chia flower, chia oil, chia muesli crunch, chia bread mix. chia in fruit juice. Our customers are the industry, wholesale. Our sistercomany is branding Original Chia ® on the retailmarket.
We are also dealing with other Superfoods as Qunioa, Amaranth, hemp seed etc.

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Sales markets Eastern Europe; Western Europe
Primary business activity Distributor
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Chia seeds see biggest growth among superfoods

22 Jul 2019

Chia seeds see biggest growth among superfoods

Consumer interest in superfoods has grown rapidly over the past decade, and while awareness of foods like turmeric, kale and avocado has risen steadily, the number of Google searches for chia seeds has increased more than 800% since 2009.

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