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We are a business house with few decades of experience serving global market with a vast range of products in different industries. Over a decade has passed since we entered natural products market known for our love for quality. Taking this passion further, we have now venture out to manufacture Natural Ingredients which is major need in industries like Food & Beverage, Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, Dairy & so, where the customer is getting more conscious & demanding for natural source of ingredients.

All our product range: Oleoresins (both water soluble & oil soluble), Flavors, Colors are manufactured using advanced Green Technology   – SCFE CO2 extraction (super critical fluid extraction). We are indeed one of the very few manufacturing companies in India, having production plant totally SCFE (super critical extraction) CO2 technology based i.e without using any solvent throughout in complete cycle of production starting from Raw material to End product

We understand that High value Ingredients are very crucial for product’s success in flavor, fragrance, beverage and bakery industry, medicinal formulations & thus manufacture High Quality - High Value Ingredients. 

Our Oleoresins portfolio includes Capsicum oleoresin, Tomato oleoresin, Black pepper oleoresin, Turmeric Oleoresin, Marigold Oleoresin,Ginger Oleoresin,Clove Oil, Cardamom Oil, Nutmeg Oleoresin & so on.

Natural flavors, Natural colors – Capsanathin Red, Tomato red (lycopene), Lutein yellow, Curcumin yellow & so on.

For more details, visit our website: www.ozonenaturals.com

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