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Panteley Toshev Ltd. is an innovation and technology leader in the development and production of beverage and food ingredients. We are experts in providing additional value for companies seeking natural, clean label, organic, healthy, reduced sugar & salt products, without compromise on taste. We serve manufacturers of organic food, soft drinks, fruit juices, alcoholic beverages, dairy, ice cream, confectionery, bakery, snacks, savoury, sauces and tobacco industries. Our rich product portfolio of raw materials includes flavours, emulsions, beverage compounds, extracts, sweetening and colouring systems for companies looking for unique and innovative ideas to established brands pursuing optimal cost optimisation, better service and sustainability. 

We pride ourselves on being the first company in the world to produce certified organic clean label beverage emulsions.

Quick facts

Sales markets Western Europe; Eastern Europe; Middle East; Asia; Africa
Primary business activity Contract Manufacturing; Ingredient / Additive Manufacturer
Business segment focus Beverages; Functional Beverages; Functional Food; Natural; Salt, Fat, Sugar Reduction; Sports Nutrition
Affiliated categories: Aromas |Colours |Contract manufacturing More

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3 dec 2019

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3 - 5 December 2019 Paris, France We were at stand 7H12 See our Exhibitor Profile   See full Exhibitor List
Panteley Toshev Ltd.

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