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Our heat exchanger range includes Indirect Heating, Direct Steam Injection or Direct Steam Infusion (DSI) using either: Plates, Tubes, Scraped Surface or any combination. Direct heating and Indirect heating on one base so comparisons can be made easily.  Tube in Tube Indirect heat, Plates Indirect heat or combinations so Tubes and Plates are available on one base. We will manufacture it so that it suits your processing, development or any other needs.  Scraped Surface Heat Exchangers indirect and direct available, Margarine and Spreads Processors, Small scale Retort, and Spray Driers.

We supply a full range of Tubular and Plate UHT/HTST models for a wide variety of products with holding tubes manufactured to a time scale that our customers require. Our range starts from the simple Mini [email protected] 10 to 20  litre per hour, the Econo-Lab series @ 20 to 60 litre per hour, through to the bigger machines at up to 200 litre per hour for Pilot Plant. Larger production UHT Heat Exchangers which start as small as 500 litre per hour.  All are available with either Plat...

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