Totipro® Postbiotics PE0301 for Oral Care Applications

17 Jul 2023

Technical Data

Totipro® Postbiotics PE0301 for Oral Care Applications

Product descriptionTotipro® Postbiotics PE0301 is fermented metabolites extracted from 3 strains of probiotics and can be applied on lozenge, toothpaste, Mouthwash, Chewing gum and gummies. Daily dosage is 150mg. 

During the course of a clinical study encompassing 100 subjects, participants were instructed to consume 50mg of Postbiotic tablets thrice daily following their meals. As a result of this regimen, several noteworthy outcomes were observed:

1. Following the four-week duration of postbiotic ingestion, there was a significant reduction in S. mutans bacteria.
2. Postbiotics were found to enhance and improve the overall oral microbiome.
3. The consumption of postbiotics was linked to enhanced oral immunity, thereby safeguarding the oral mucosal tissue.
4. The group receiving postbiotics reported notable improvements in mouth sores and dry mouth after just two weeks of ingestion.
5. Over a period of two weeks, postbiotics were als...

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Technical Data
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