PT. Java Biocolloid

PT. Java Biocolloid

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About us

Java Biocolloid is an Indonesian manufacturer of high quality Agar-agar for food and pharma grade.

Our key products:

AGARLOGIC® - The first organic and fair trade agar-agar extracted from organically cultivated Gracilaria verrucosa through its entire supply chain.

AGAROLES® - Our innovative low gel strength agar-agar  with excellent water binding capacity and succulently full-bodied mouthfeel: an excellent substitute for gelatin or other expensive hydrocolloids in applications such as thermoreversible cake glaze, yogurt, low fat margarine spreads, panna cotta, etc.

PHYTAFIBER® - Pulverized Gracilaria verrucosa powder combining clean & clear label desires, excellent gelling capability and source of dietary fibre and minerals.
AGAR RA® - Conventional agar-agar with wide gel strength and application range.
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PT. Java Biocolloid

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