Realfoods Ingredients & Consulting

Realfoods Ingredients & Consulting


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Enstablished by Morgana Boni and Gianluca Zanga, Realfoods is the result of 30 years of technological innovation on food processing.

Realfood provides knowledge and expertise in the development of these products: dairies, ice cream, fruit based products, fruit drink and beverages, confectioneries, pastry fillings, meats, sauces, dressings, bakery, and istant meals.

Realfoods offers two main services:

  • Technical consulting for product development
  • Manufacturing product development and Finished Products.

Technical consulting is a global solution service delivered to the customers in order to solve problem solution about new recipe developments, nutrion values, labeling advises, production plant designs and engineerings.

Products are mainly blended powder mix for all food processing needs.

Realfoods Ingredients & Consulting

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