Product description

Safesteril®is a natural solution designed to kill microorganism while keeping product quality. Aromatic products, especially herbs and botanicals are very sensitive to heat and to the moisture. That's why Safesteril has been optimized to minimize the impact of sterilization on: Flavor and Taste: less than 5-8% of the oil content is lost during the process, Color: no drastic change of color, Moisture: with our exclusive dry steam device, there is no increase of moisture. Safesteril is adapted to many kinds and shapes of products. Safesteril is used for the treatment of a whole range of herbs and botanicals, in all shape. Small, medium and large installations are running around the world, for capacities from 50kg/h to 2000kg/h. Safesteril can handle hydrocolloids sterilization. No matter what is the shape, Safesteril can treat any form of product: whole, chips, granules or powder. It is used for the treatment of a whole range of dried vegetables and mushrooms, of all shapes.
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Categories Consulting services
Sales markets Eastern Europe
Supplied from France

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