SAP® GTIN-Connector

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Our GTIN-Connector is a comprehensive tool for SAP® users, helping them to send GS1 compliant material master data directly from their own SAP® ERP system to GDSN-certified data pools such as 1WorldSync.

Your central SAP® cockpit will display all GDSN relevant data fields (attributes, code lists, etc.). Manual tasks will be eliminated thanks to the automatic filling of these data fields and automated publication of validated article data, transmitting your master data directly from SAP® as well as non-SAP® solutions or Excel.

Thanks to integrated GDSN plausibility checks (data pool or food regulation requirements, etc.), you can immediately see what data is missing or faulty, and either manually correct this data in the surface of the GTIN-Connector, or revise it in the relevant material maintenance transaction (e.g. MM02). Even the GDSN message choreography is included in the GTIN-Connector: the publication or communication of product data (CIP, CIN) and feedback from your data pool and trade partners (CIC) is processed automatically and documented, so that you can see at any time who (target market or GLN receiver) obtained which information when. Faulty data can directly be corrected and resent if needed.
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SAP® GTIN-Connector

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