Product description

Synthetic Soft Drink Concentrate

·         A product is a combination of two part.  One is Part A and other is Part B.

·         Part – A liquid compound is complete combination of Flavour, color, emulsifiers, stabilizer and preservatives, etc.

·         Part-B Powder compound is complete combination of salt, preservatives, acidity regulator, emulsifier etc.

·         This combination will help you to make product easy. From this combination you can make carbonated and non carbonated beverages, ice candy, ice lolly, ice popscials. To make product you have to add only sugar and water to get finished product.  

Market opportunity

·         A company who is manufacturing carbonated and non carbonated soft drink.

·         Soda Shop/Soda Fountain Machine

·         Ice Pops Manufacturer

·         Ice Popsicals

·         Ice candy

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Categories Flavours and Spices
Sales markets Middle East; Asia; Africa
Supplied from India
Product Applications Beverages
Product Certifications Quality assurance

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Soft Drink Concentrate

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