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Sunar Misir launches Sunsorb® Sorbitol Powder with Innovative technology

10 Mar 2022

Sunar Mısır announced that it expands it’s poliol portfolio with a new  product Sunsorb®  Sorbitol Powder through a high technology production facility investment in Turkey.

Sunar Misir launches Sunsorb® Sorbitol Powder with Innovative technology

Sunar Mısır is a key player in corn derived sweeteners and functional ingredients market. Undoubtedly, today’s consumers want more sweetness with less sugar. Sunar’s versatile, broad portfolio of in-demand sweeteners-including specialty polyols, high potency sweeteners, oligosaccharides, alternative sweeteners and more — has everything need to reduce sugar and calories. One of the most important objective to support reduced-sugar and sugar free products that meet this growing consumer trend with non-GMO polyols.  In this framework, Sunar Mısır is the leading liquid sorbitol and maltitol manufacturer in Turkey since 2013 and go beyond to provide best solutions to worldwide market.

Sunsorb®, sorbitol powder, has been specifically designed for use in wide range application area. Thanks to its cooling effect, enriches powerful freshness to sugar-free chewing gum moreover helps produce optimal texture and in tableting where it gives good hard tablets both for confectionary and pharmaceutical applications. Sunsorb® Powder, presents excellent tableting properties to use in pharma grade effervescent, chewable and swallowable tablets also use as filler/binder in lozenges and pellets. 

Hasan A. Özkan, CEO the Turkish headquartered companies of Sunar Group, stated that sorbitol, which is among the low-calorie sweeteners imported by Turkey in the past, is indispensable for many sectors.

As a result of our protracted R&D studies and investments, we are proud to be able to export this product to nearly 60 countries in the world, as well as meeting all the needs of Turkey with the sorbitol powder we produce. As a result of our 10 years of experience in the field of sugar-free natural sweeteners and our long-term R&D studies for Sunsorb® Sorbitol Powder with the contribution of technical sales and business development team, we are eyeing high penetration in the local and global pharma market.

Özkan adds : “Global sorbitol consumption is  2,5 million ton which the major amount used by food industry, also has applications in the cosmetics, chemistry, personal care, plastics and especially the pharmaceutical industry , we will continue to be one of the active players in sorbitol. With our novel technology & first in Turkey powder sorbitol production,  we are proud to present high quality Sunsorb®  Sorbitol Powder that meets this growing consumer demand worldwide.”