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The ChocolOat Revolution: producing vegan chocolate with innovative oat powders

14 Feb 2022

The last couple of years, the vegan lifestyle is on the rise. Fueled by eco-conscious consumers, the demand for plant-based foods is growing with double digits. Also in the confectionary market, the demand for plant-based sweets is growing rapidly.

Especially in Europe, the demand for vegan chocolate is booming. However, producing milk-based chocolate, without the milk can be quite the challenge. Most milk alternatives can give off quite a strong flavor and can impact the chocolate taste that we all know and love, quite dramatically.

The ChocolOat Revolution: producing vegan chocolate with innovative oat powders

Meurens Natural has created the perfect solution to this. Drawing from more than 30 years of experience, Meurens Natural created two completely natural, clean label, oat-based products that can be the vegan solution for milk in chocolate: NATUDRY OAT 17 and NATUDRY OAT 25. NATUDRY OAT 17 and NATUDRY OAT 25 are dehydrated oat syrups obtained by the hydrolysis of (gluten free) oat flour using natural GMO-free enzymes, with subsequent drying. The products have a beige color with a mild and typical oat flavor.

NATUDRY OAT 17 and 25 provide your milk free chocolate with the perfect balance between creamy and sweet, without impacting the natural chocolate taste. These products also come in a gluten free and organic version.

Apart from chocolate, but these products can also be used to produce sweets, biscuits, drinks, ice-cream and many more applications.

Meurens Natural is contributing to healthier food and a better environment by supplying the food processing industry with non-refined organic and natural products using an environmental-friendly production process. Created from a restructuring operation in 1994, Meurens Natural, a family-owned Belgian company, processes cereals and dried fruits into organic and natural ingredients for the food processing sector. Our products can be used for a variety of applications such as bringing natural sweetness, viscosity, binding power, taste, color and much more.