Tsuno Food Industrial Co., Ltd.

Tsuno Food Industrial Co., Ltd.


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Rice and rice bran have always been an integral part of our lives in Japan. TSUNO is a company which carries out scientific research into rice as an important natural resource, and uses it to develop various products, from cooking and salad oils through to cosmetics, medical products, animal feed, industrial raw materials, and so on. In the field of food products, we propose a lifestyle which is RICE-utical, based on the theme of “Gain the nutritious content of rice, abundant in effective constituent elements.” Furthermore, we would like to propose a Rice Therapy concept, as the constituents of rice are known to be effective for health and beauty also. We have developed another new product, which is not genetically modified, as we insist on only the natural contents of wholesome rice.

Tsuno Food Industrial Co., Ltd.

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