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Since the endogenous production of collagen recedes at the age of 30, the consumption of collagen candy is the perfect solution for customers to counteract the diminishing collagen levels. The conservation of health and beauty becomes easy – and pleasantly gets combined with indulging in sweet treats.

Thus, more and more candy manufacturers try to supply the growing demand for collagen candy. They take great efforts for finding the perfect confectionery formulation for effective collagen enrichment and delicious taste and texture.

In fact, they can just save time, stop experimenting and settle for the perfect solution.

With VERISOL® HST and its Bioactive Collagen Peptides, GELITA offers sweets manufacturers a single ingredient for the hassle-free production of collagen confectionery. No further adjustments of production processes or facilities is required – just use VERISOL® HST and you are good to go!

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