IMAG Organics Corporate Video

15 Jul 2022


IMAG Organics Corporate Video

We are IMAG Organics, a young enterprise with deep historic roots.

We sprouted, grew and matured as a farmers cooperative whose collective sum of knowledge and experience are the fruits of a total commitment to the earth.We began as agave farmers, evolved into growers of a variety of plants and vegetal resources, and built a business the landscape of industry, where we’ve been working on becoming the best and making a difference. 

The difference comes from a deep knowledge and respect for the essence of what is artisanal. We start from organic raw materials, caring for the plants and respecting the rhythms of nature. Then we transform them into a variety of natural and organic solutions:sweeteners, fibers and other key products for the world’s well-being.We are devoted to continuous improvement, excellence, persistence and attention to detail. 

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