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What are nutraceuticals? A Q&A with BioCell

8 Oct 2020

BioCell Technology is a research, product development, branding, and marketing company that manufactures innovative, science-based ingredients that have applications in dietary supplements, functional foods and cosmetics.

In this Q&A, they answer the most frequently asked questions about nutraceuticals and the current trends in this space.

What are nutraceuticals? A Q&A with BioCell

How do you define a nutraceutical? Is it the same as a supplements and functional foods?

Nutraceutical can be either a supplement, functional food or beverage that provides health benefits. BioCell Collagen meets that definition by the fact of its clinically proven benefits in skin and joint health.

What are the primary challenges you face in the nutraceutical space and how are they overcome?

One of the primary challenges that BioCell Collagen faces is education. We strive to help educate consumers about the benefits of our ingredient and use the multiple clinical trials that have been done on our ingredient as evidence.

What trends are you seeing from different consumer groups? What is driving these trends?

Each demographic seeks health solutions that are often the same but for different reason. Baby Boomers are looking to maintain their health, mobility and appearance. They also want to stay out of the doctor’s office

How is the nutraceutical arena changing? What has been the biggest change in the last ten years, and what do you expect to see in the future?

The biggest change that we have seen in the last 10 years are the variety of delivery forms, supplement are more than tablets, capsules and soft gels. What is popular in one region may not be in another. Gummies are very popular in the US. Sachets are popular in Europe and Asia. Looking towards the future I think the biggest change will be with consumer embracing supplements as a means to an end. Beauty from Within will be a big area of growth and joint health will continue as major category as when people age, they will do anything to keep their mobility.