Wheat Gluten, wheat Fiber ,ISP

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Wheat Gluten is manufactured from high - quality wheat by three-phase separation technology. It can be used in a wide variety of applications including bakery products, breading, batters, coating & flavors, breakfast cereals, pizza.

Wheat Fiber is natural high - cellulose fiber obtained from Wheat , does not contain gluten and can be widely used in the food industry. 
Soy protein isolate with fast dispersion and solution speed, bland taste,neutral flavor, and excellent nutritional properties, it can be soluble in water easily, no caking formed in the dispersion process. It is recommended for dry blended applications. ISP is designed for protein powder,health and nutritional beverage application.
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Categories Fibres; Proteins
Sales markets Asia
Supplied from India

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Wheat Gluten, wheat Fiber ,ISP

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