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Who loves peanut butter treats in your house?

16 Sep 2021

The nation had a pet frenzy during lockdown, with more of us becoming proud owners to man’s best friend. More and more dog owners are sharing their love for peanut butter with their pooches, either straight from the jar or with doggy treats made with the nutty spread.

It’s a great way to administer medication as peanut butter tastes so good to dogs they can’t detect that hidden pill!  An...

If your family canine is partial to peanut butter, make sure you follow advice from the experts and check the ingredients label. Some products on the market may make your pet as sick as a dog, so why not give the whole family the best – 100% natural peanut butter. Ask your vet for advice and like all treats, it’s best only in moderation and as a treat! Good advice for humans and pooches!

At Petrow, we are seeing this trend dramatically spreading across our UK and European-wide customers. With our new peanut line, installed in our Perivale plant, now fully operational, we’re busy bringing smooth and crunchy peanut butter to both humans and hounds, always made with only natural ingredients.

Who loves peanut butter treats in your house?

The delicious and protein rich treat is available in both 350g glass and plastic jars, and 1 litre tubs,  with more formats planned for branded and own label products!  Our peanut butter is 100% natural, with no additives and no palm oil. Customisation is available to add extra nutrients and flavours for specific consumer markets, which includes both two and four legged beings.

Interestingly we’ve also seen more demand for more natural, healthy and organic doggie treats and snacks. We say, only the best for man’s best friend.

Please get in touch with our team on +44 (0) 1440 712 223 or email [email protected] for more information on our peanut butter spreads and ingredients.

No doubt if you are a dog owner, your pet has helped you get through lockdown. Give them the treat they deserve, share your peanut butter with your best friend too! They’ll thank you!

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