Lactoglace for Ice Cream

28 Sep 2021


Lactoglace for Ice Cream

With our Lactoglace range we offer highly functional products for ice cream applications. Numerous trials, and experience with our customers, have shown that the use of Lactoglace gives the end products more creaminess, allows them to melt more slowly and creates a softer mouthfeel. Moreover, our Lactoglace products are an inexpensive alternative to skimmed milk powder. They make it possible to replace milk or whey powder 1:1.

Our range also includes solutions for protein-enriched ice cream products. For this purpose we recommend our Lactoglace products, which enable the production of a nutritionally valuable ice cream product – fat-reduced, and with a creamy structure for just the right melt on the tongue. Our high protein ice cream portfolio ranges from milk protein blends to specially adapted stabilizer / emulsifier systems.

Check out our Lactoglace range for ice cream application.