Wrapped Cashews

13 Nov 2019

Wrapped® cashews retain their natural skins, adding a great crunch and delivering an unbelievably tasty cashew.

The bitter elements of the skin of un-blanched cashews are reduced to create a flavor rich natural edible product.

Wrapped Cashews
Wrapped Cashews (Whole Cashews with Skin)

Dry Roasted
Salted / Unsalted
Organic / Conventional

• Comparable antioxidative activity to blueberries. v vTwice the fiber of a traditional cashew
• Lower net carbs than any other cashew.
• Skins of the Wrapped cashews have significant amounts of Catechins and Epicatechins (the polyphenols found in Green Tea)
• Very high ORAC Values (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity)