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Anhui Fubore Pharmaceutical & Chemical Co LtdOffers a wide range of products which includes acetylacetone. Colorless or light yellow, easy flowing transparent liquid. Main application: mainly used in the synthesis of pharmacy and intermediates; used as the additive for solvent of cellulose acetate, for gasoline and lubricating oil and binding material for electroplating; analyzing reagent. Package: it can be reacted with metal oxide to form complex and soluble in acetylacetoneto generate color. Therefore it should not be packed in metal drum but in reinforced polypropylene drum; the drum shall only be used after washed (with water then acetone), dried and pressure tested; it is packed in fixed dosage and secured with the cover of anti-thief and rainproof. Appearance: colorless transparent liquid; colorless or light yellow transparent liquid; colorless or light yellow transparent liquid.
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Details Molecular formula: C5H8O2, molecular weight: 100.12. Chroma (platinum-cobalt) =: 10,15,20. 2,4-hexanedione,%=: 0.06,0.13,0.13. Moisture>,%=: 8,0.10,0.10. Density(20?),g/cm3: 0.97~0.975, 0.970~0.975, 0.970~0.975.
Origin China
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Selling Points International Approvals/Standards; Packaging; Quality Service
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