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The ANDRITZ Gouda paddle dryer / cooler, a machine with a lot to offer, to most materials. Dried or cooled? The continuous indirect heat transfer set-up within the paddle dryer's interior produces quality product with incredible efficiency and a minimum of maintenance. Powdered, granulated or pasty materials? The paddle dryer is built to handle products with the utmost care - even toxic materials.  ANDRITZ Gouda’s paddle dryer is used for a wide variety of applications. The machine has a heated trough, containing rotating heated paddle shafts. The specially shaped paddles do not have a transport function but are designed for maximum heat transfer. This results in an excellent control of the temperature of the product and enables a uniform product quality. At the outlet side, the product moves out of the machine via an adjustable overflow.
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Supplied from Netherlands
End-Use Categories Meat & meat products

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ANDRITZ Paddle dryer

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