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CAVAMAX® W6 is a cyclic oligosaccharide consisting of 6 glucose molecules. Made by enzymatic conversion of starch, CAVAMAX® W6 is produced in a patented process from renewable raw materials. It provides a solution for up to 100% egg replacement in ready-to-use powder mixes that still fulfill the quality and sensory expectations of consumers. CAVAMAX® W6 also allows manufacturers to improve the flavor profile of functional ingredients. For example, health-promoting ingredients, such as green-tea extract can be added to beverages or gummies without the bitter aftertaste. Odors, too, can be masked by complexation with cyclodextrins. CAVAMAX® W6 can be used instead of egg in sauces and mayonnaises to reduce their fat content. These foods normally contain egg in order to stabilize the oil-in-water emulsions. However, ever more consumers are now looking for a cholesterol-free egg alternative in foods for health and environmental reasons.
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Categories Emulsifiers / Lecithins
End-Use Categories Bakery; Dairy; Healthy Food & Beverages
Certifications Vegetarian

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