Eliminate travel while progressing R&D

23 Mar 2020

No Travel? No Problem! Learn how to move your business forward and conduct R&D innovation without having to go anywhere.

R&D must not be stifled.

Eliminate travel while progressing R&D
Travelling can be frustrating. So don't do it!

Eliminate Travel While Progressing R&D
By Eric Schraibman

The outbreak of the Corona Virus has significantly curtailed business travel. Is the world going to overcome this? Absolutely! So, the food and beverage industry must continue to push and maintain forward momentum.

The adage that “Companies either grow or get smaller; there is no staying in place” is true now more than ever. Forward momentum and growth rely on R&D and innovation. So organizations must maintain their focus on these pipelines at all times. How do we retain these pipelines while taking into consideration the constraints of this outbreak?

Conduct R&D in house– An investment in lab equipment enables you to conduct R&D in your controlled environment. It also eliminates the need for travel. This type of investment will benefit your company during this period and continue to save you money on travel (and other) expenses for years to come.

Mail-In Plant Trials– Conduct your research processing via mail-in plant trials with organizations that offer these services. With these services, you ship your ingredients with instructions for batching and process conditions. Your product is made, processed, and the finished samples are sent to you, your customers, or to a third party as needed. No travel is required, and your research trials won’t skip a beat.

MicroThermics addresses both of these needs as the global leader in small scale UHT/HTST/pasteurization thermal processing with over 30 years of experience.

MicroThermics offers customized lab equipment to meet your company’s needs and mimic your production processes. With our continuous flow processors, you can go from R&D to production seamlessly. Their offerings include thermal processors that do both direct and indirect steam injection, homogenizers, clean-fill hoods, and even aseptic laboratory fillers. All equipment utilizes sanitary designs and helps you meet the FSMA requirements.

MicroThermics also provides Miniature Plant Trial Services include both in-person and mail-in options from their corporate headquarters in Raleigh, North Carolina. With their extensive processing capabilities, virtually any type of trial can be conducted. With the mail-in option, employee travel is not necessary. No travel, while still moving your firm’s future success forward!

If you would like to learn more about MicroThermics, please go towww.microthermics.com. For a consultation, please contact MicroThermics’ Director of Sales, Eric Schraibman, at 919-594-9658 [email protected] We look forward toALWAYS INNOVATINGwith you!