Fat Filled Whey Powders on animal fats

Product description

Fat filled whey powder (20-55%) is produced from pasteurized milk liquid whey and animal fats including further heat-treating, condensation, homogenization and drying on spray drier, intended for food use.
  • Appearance and consistency: Consistent fine dry powder. Lumps easily crushed following mechanical impact are allowed 
  • Colour: Light yellow or beige, homogeneously spread. Presence of single dark particles is acceptable. 
  • Taste and flavor: Clear taste, bland flavor of ingredients 
This product is used in the following industry branches: 
  • confectionary industry –production of confectionaries, chocolate spreads, sweet fillings and toppings.
  • food concentrates industry –production of soups, cereals, sauces. 
  • bakery –production of bakery products and macaroni products. Concentrate provides smoothness for dough, improves taste and fat distribution in dough. 
  • meat industry –is used aiming to increase viscosity of meat substance and to prettify finished meat products. 
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Categories Fat Replacers
Sales markets Eastern Europe; Middle East; Asia; Africa; Central/South America
Supplied from Belarus

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Fat Filled Whey Powders on animal fats

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